Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A More Refined Palate, or Just More Expensive?

Just a quick post: I was flipping through my wife's cell phone photos and found two which I thought told a good story. I've been getting more into cocktails lately, making different drinks at home and wanting to go try the different liquors/cocktails from the various cocktail bars and craft distilleries popping up in/around Seattle for the last few years. I've even spent a couple Saturday nights doing a "cocktail crawl" in some Seattle's neighborhoods - I remember starting them, anyways.  

But I haven't always spent much time choosing a beverage. Here's our beverage lineup at a tailgate party or something a few years ago. Yes, that's 4 different malt liquor based beverages from 7-11. Classy.

And here's a more recent picture from Ba Bar in Seattle. 
In either case, I'm pretty sure I needed a cab home.

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