Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Update on Fishing Kit

In my first post on fishing, I listed a few items I was looking to purchase for both spinning and tenakara fly fishing. Well it turned out that my dad had a bunch of fishing gear hidden away in the garage that I thought was long gone. He was happy to have me take two rods and reels off of his hands. Here's what I picked up:

Ultralight Spinning Setup
Shakespeare 2500 ULX Spinning Reel. According the the Shakespeare website, this was their first ultralight spinning reel, debuting in 1992. It is dirty and dusty, with tangled line, so I need to learn to clean it up and oil the internals, as well as how to put on new line. I'm planning on using 4-pound line on this reel.

To go with the 2500 ULX reel, I also found a small telescoping rod in the garage. The markings on the rod are worn away, but it looks almost exactly like this rod on Amazon. Assuming I don't have any issues with the reel, this should be a great little combo for either spinning or fly/bubble fishing in high lakes. The whole package weighs 7.9 ounces on my scale.

General Spinning Setup
My dad was generous enough to let me have a second rod/reel. Another Shakespeare, the reel is labeled a WPA30, and the 5'6" rod is labeled medium action for 6-12 pound line. This one is a 2-piece, so not as convenient for backpacking, but should be fun on lakes and streams near home. It weighs a total of 10.76 ounces.

Next Steps
My license arrived in the mail last week. I'm going to head down to Outdoor Emporium in Seattle and browse their fishing section to pickup some line, lures, and other accessories. I'll probably hold off on the Tenkara setup for now and see if I can't convince my wife to make it a birthday gift. So close to actually casting a line...

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