Wednesday, May 1, 2013

An Island Getaway

Tulip Country
I haven't really decided how much personal information I want to divulge on this blog, but since there are probably more than a few people in Seattle who are married and like the outdoors, I think I'm still on the safe side. 

Anyways, in a few weeks my wife and I are doing a little experimental overnight urban backpacking trip. Early on a Saturday morning  we're driving up to Anacortes, leaving the truck, and walking on to the Friday Harbor ferry. We'll spend the day exploring Friday Harbor (we've never been). Then, in the mid-afternoon, we'll grab another ferry over to Shaw Island, and we'll walk a couple short miles to Shaw Island County Park, where I've reserved a tent site for the night. We'll walk back to the Shaw Island ferry terminal on Sunday, and take a direct ferry back to Anacortes, grab the truck, and head south to Seattle. Hopefully I'll be stopping by the Skagit Brewing Company for a stout, as well. 

So far it looks like the weather may cooperate... In terms of activities, my wife is a Yelp-savant, so I'm sure we won't be patronizing any establishments with tarnished reputations. I'm hoping the Saturday farmer's market provides us with some fresh foods for dinner at the campsite, and I've already got a liter of Bandit for the trip. 

The one wildcard with this little trip is that usually when I pack for a backpacking trip, my sense of fashion and my personal hygiene routine goes from my usual enough-to-keep-a-wife to full blown I-wish-I-was-raised-by-wolves. But since this is sort of a hybrid trip, I might change up my clothing system a bit. That said, I'd also like to try and really minimize our pack weights and bulk down so that we can walk around shops and such in Friday Harbor comfortably, and just for the sake of experimenting. 

Carried Water. On the ferry, in town, and at the campground, we'll be able to refill, so we should be able carry much less water than a typical trip

Carried Food. We'll eat breakfast on the way to, or in Anacortes. Lunch in Friday Harbor, and dinner in camp. Other than the food we buy at the farmer's market for dinner, and Sunday's breakfast, we should have to carry hardly any food.

Cooking. On a normal backpacking trip with my wife, I'll bring a canister stove and kettle so we can boil water for dehydrated meals. On this trip, I'll still need to carry everything, but I'll be walking into a car campground, where firewood is for sale. I'll also be buying ingredients for dinner at a farmer's market that afternoon. I'm thinking I might carry a small square non-stick pan in addition to my kettle and canister stove. That addition would allow us to cook on a campfire if we needed to. It also means I could make biscuits and jam over a fire for breakfast on Sunday. Hmmm.

That's all for now. Hopefully there will be a very successful trip report in a few weeks. 

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