Monday, April 29, 2013

On Car Camping and Backpacking

Olympic Peninsula

It’s a fair statement to say that I’ve been camping and backpacking for 20 years. It would be an unfair statement to call myself an expert. I’m probably a solid above-average in terms of knowledge and skills. I have been on a two or three backpacking trips each summer, and two or three car camping trips each year as well. I’ve only backpacked in winter twice, and only recently started reading about the ultralight backpacking philosophy. I read lots about my interests, but don’t have nearly enough opportunities to put my knowledge to use.

I love car camping and backpacking equally and for different reasons. Car camping is about friends, food, beer, bourbon, campfires, and road trips. Backpacking is about adventure, scenery, and wilderness. I hope that in the next few years the length and number of my backpacking trips will increase substantially.

In future posts I’ll comment on both car camping and backpacking, probably starting with some standard blog-work like posting my current gear lists for each type of trip. I'll also comment on what keeps me engaged in the hobbies during the off-season.

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